Let There Be Light!

Every Thanksgiving Jim would get out a box of Christmas lights to decorate our sailboat Windhorse. It was usually cold & snowy but nothing would deter Jim from his task. Being outdoors was second nature to Jim. I used to call him St Francis because he loved to surround himself with animals. In Colorado we had a stable of horses, goats, chickens and an ocassional very stubborn donkey. I never saw him without a Labrador by his side. He was a lifetime bird lover & never skipped a day putting out birdseed.

SLIDE SHOW_JIM CARPENTER v1.mov_20160408_114223.703
Flying the Pelican Flag

We got lots of admiration & appreciation from neighbors & people driving to town across the Fremont Bridge or stopping by Putnam’s Point to take in the view of the lights reflected in the water. If it was cold & still the effect was really pretty with the lights above & below, like a double rainbow. For a short while a few boats at the Pelican Marina joined in with lights of their own. If the lake did not freeze solid we could have had a Parade of Lights!


The Klamath Yacht Club carried on the spirit during the annual City of Klamath Falls Parade during the Snowflake Festival. One evening I took this photo as it was pouring rain and it appears the boats are floating.


This lovely photo by Aurora Simpson was taken from the Fremont Bridge.

Aurora Simpson Boat lights



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