The Wonder Of Light

Living on the water makes for immense opportunities to photograph light reflections. I cannot say which time of day is my favorite, early morning or the magical evening light.

One of my favorite photos was taken on a very cold morning in winter with the first pale pink rays of sunshine on the frosted trees & the soaring eagle across the water.


On the other hand when the sun sets in the west often peeking out from under clouds I get really warm photos.


On warm sunny days magic happens.


Oftentimes a fisherman drifts by on a summer day.



One evening I captured the most amazing reflection on our boathouse windows!



The Rolling OM Ranch lies at 9000′ in the Tarryall Mountains. During the rainy season in August the sun will set under the clouds to produce spectacular double rainbows.


Moonlight on Pelican Marina is a different kind of light & a challenge to capture on camera.


Sunset on Upper Klamath Lake in winter is a special time for extraordinary light. This is the Klamath Yacht Club.


This is the beginning of the Link River where it flows from Upper Klamath Lake to become the Klamath River on it’s journey to the Pacific Ocean at Requa, California.



Rose petals drifting down the Klamath River to the sea on the day of Jim’s Memorial.

Flower Float


The beautiful & iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Bay taken on a sail in the early afternoon.


The lunar Eclipse over San Francisco Bay


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