Holiday Fun

In anticipation of the Holidays I have been focusing on my new endeavor in creating a line of photo greeting cards.

My friends & family have been super duper encouraging & supportive.

As a thank you to Sue for encouraging me to pursue this business I gifted a print from a workshop I took at Looking Glass Photography. We printed out 2 copies of any photo we selected. This is printed on Moab Slickrock Metallic Pearl & framed in an antique oval frame. The detail really pops!

The second print is on Juniper Baryta Rag 305, also gifted and is much softer & muted.

The question then becomes a matter of marketing. The first tool was expanding my CarpenterDesign.Blog to enable an online store complete with a shopping cart! So cool & a serious learning curve. I now see life as a series of steps in “Problem Solving 101”. Then I had to create “Followers”. Thanks to all of you Followers out there.

Well I had to create a business card! It is nice & bright with the water reflection shimmering in the background.

I read about a Buy Local Holiday Gift Fair in Berkleyside. That led to a special “Women Entrepreneurs of Berkeley membership with the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce & a booth at the UC Theater & Music Hall. It was a rewarding evening & the staff & participants were wonderful.

Some of the attendees.

One lady liked my cards because they were so artistic with great light! Each card has contact info for future reference. She especially liked the Pelicans Feeding.


img_3013-1The year is ending well & I am happy to be stepping right along!

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