Opening Magnolia


As the year 2018 comes to a close I reflect upon the many friends & family who have lent me a helping hand & given me support these last few years as I journey on in my new life.

There are so many wonderful memories to share. I have been blessed beyond anything I could have imagined. I am a visual being so I express myself best through my photographs. I thank my kids for gifting me a camera to replace the one I passed onto my brother for his trip to Nepal.  Since I love taking photos I took a plunge to expand on my love of art to start a photo greeting card business. That nourishes my creative sense of well being. Of course I am also learning the art of bookeeping to help in the more practical matter of making a living. Ho, ho, ho, merrily on we go.

It all started here in 1970 at this homestead ranch, a  2 room log cabin in Tarryall, Colorado when I began my 48 year marriage to Jim, the love of my life.


Both our children, Quintana & John, were born and raised here far from the maddening crowd until elementary school when we moved to Manitou Springs, Colorado. It was a unique upbringing and looking back those were the golden years. At the end of the road, surrounded by paradise we were free to enjoy life at our leisure. No city life for us! Funny that both kids ended up on the west coast in major cities, educated & hard working. I could not be prouder!


We had many fun times both indoors & outdoors. Ist & 2nd generations continue to play.


A few more activities.


Last I want to thank the other people who have lent a helping hand by being there for me through thick and thin. Family & friends!


Thanks for the helping hands.

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